Eclipse Leader Workshop

The Central Arkansas Astronomical Society will be hosting an Eclipse Leader Workshop focusing on preparing you to answer eclipse science questions as you help lead your group/community with the upcoming solar eclipse events.

Join us for an afternoon workshop including:
      • An eclipse in Arkansas overview
      • Why eclipses happen, why they are rare, and what to expect
      • Finding the best location in your area
      • How to view eclipses safely 
      • Hands-on practice of safe solar viewing
      • Guidelines for your event
      • Resources

We hope you enjoyed seeing the annular (or partial solar eclipse in Arkansas) on October 14th.  The total eclipse on April 8, 2024 is the event that will draw visitors from all over the world to the Path of Totality. This path is a 117 mile wide swath crossing Arkansas from the southwest to the northeast in its journey across the US. A very large influx of visitors is expected.

Who should attend this workshop:

The persons who will be answering the questions at your event- whether a school group, a neighborhood group, community group, house of worship; formal and informal educators, librarians, youth leaders - inside the path of totality or outside the path of totality.

Help your community be prepared; eclipses are a cycle of nature and will happen whether or not you are ready!

New workshops will be scheduled at Laman Library in North Little Rock or other location when we have ten or more persons contacting us with an interest. Email Darcy Howard at the address listed below for more information.

Cost:  $10.00 per person donation requested. Each of these workshops is the same topic and limited to 20 registrants.

Darcy Howard,  CAAS Eclipse Resource Developer and Education Outreach
NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassador
[email protected]

The instructors are Carl Freyaldenhoven, a retired science teacher who has been to seven solar eclipses, and Darcy Howard, a retired science illustrator with a special interest in eclipses and solar astronomy. Both are NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassadors.