Eclipse Leader Helps

The Central Arkansas Astronomical Society  Workshops have concluded. Thank you for your support! Here are some guidelines for hosting your eclipse event

Host Your Eclipse Party: -Total Eclipse April 8, 2024 (if you are in the 117 mile wide path of totality) elsewhere in Arkansas you will see a deep partial eclipse

Important to know:
- You will need eclipse glasses or another safe way to watch the progress of the eclipse during the partial phases
- The partial phases have slow changes over about 3 hours
- The only time to take off your glasses is during the few short minutes of totality
- Find eclipse times for your location at

You will Need:
- A south facing location where the horizons are low enough to observe the event. An open area is better than a forest or downtown with tall buildings. Stay away from streetlights and night watchers.
- Check the location to make sure there are no obstructions.
- Plan months in advance if possible. - Visitors need bathrooms, water, food/drink, parking, seating, shade, and power

People to Help:
- Person in Charge
- Answer questions
- Share activities
- Set up, direct traffic/parking, clean up

Viewing Equipment:
- Eclipse glasses
- DIY Projection techniques: make your own pinholes, crisscrossed fingers, colanders, look at shadows under tree leaves
- Filters for cameras and telescope

Help your community be prepared: eclipses are a cycle of nature and will happen whether or not you are ready!

What to Bring on Eclipse Day
Eclipse Glasses and Viewers
❑ Pinhole Projector Projects
❑ Sunscreen, Hat
❑ Chair ❑ Snacks, Drinks and Water
❑ Be sure to know where the restrooms are
❑ Camera
❑ Observation/Sketch Notebook
❑ Things to keep youngsters occupied
❑ App for Eclipse Times

Prepared for educational purposes by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society

Darcy Howard,  CAAS Eclipse Resource Developer and Outreach
NASA Partner Eclipse Ambassador
[email protected]